Knitted Toys and Amigurumi for the Win!

I don’t spend much time with little children, and I’m not naturally talented at talking to them or playing with them. So when I know in advance that I’ll be around kids, I start thinking about bribes, a time-honored way to get people to like you. Candy may not be the best choice—some (misguided) parents discourage sweets, and then I might have to cope with a toddler on a sugar high. Toys, in contrast, have no calories or behavioral side effects. You don’t need an unending supply of them to retain a child’s affection. In fact, one great toy can spawn years of unconditional love. As you plan holiday celebrations with family and friends, think about suitable toy bribes for the kids in your life. There’s a great collection of projects in Knit & Crochet Toys, a special issue of Love of Knitting.

Here you’ll find 24 projects in two different crafts, each with an age recommendation to keep kids safe. There are tiny toys in the Amigurumi story, so you can generally finish them really quickly.

The Bear Pair shown here are only a few inches tall.

knitted and crocheted toys

If you’ve got more time (or really need to butter up those kids), look in the Big Hugs section for a larger-than-life platypus, Barbara Prime’s marvelous Tedmund Troll, and other great big toys.

Though these projects are substantial in size, they knit up quickly with big yarns and big needles.

Board games can keep kids amused during long visits, and when they’re made from yarn, they’re practically indestructible.

knit and crochet toys

Finally, the Whimsy story includes merpeople and a sea lion, plus a dressed-up chicken, monster rattles, Jackson the Jackalope, and more.

You can win any child’s heart with these adorable handmade toys. There’s no better way to buy their love this holiday season.

knit and crochet toys

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