Knit and Crochet Train Pattern: Toy Sets for the Young at Heart

Choo choo! All aboard the circus train! Kids of all ages love trains, and this colorful set will provide them with hours of fun, whether it’s knitted or crocheted.

The 4-car set is made with a washable soft cotton yarn and has no movable parts that could present choking hazards. Crochet open cars stuffed with fiberfill and plastic canvas, so kids can fill the cars with little critters to transport them. The knitted cars are closed (and huggable)—passengers can sit on top or ride in the caboose’s back pocket.

See what happened when Georgie the Dinosaur tried to drive crochet set.

crochet train pattern

Oh, no! A train wreck. The animals have gotten out.

A knitted train too? Choo choo chooooo!

Megan Kreiner designed these Circus Trains, which appeared 1 car at a time in the 2016 Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter issues of Love of Crochet and Love of Knitting. Now you can download the whole train in a single PDF for either knit or crochet. Each pattern includes 4 cars: Engine, Coal Car, Animal/Passenger Car, and Caboose. The patterns include written instructions, detailed construction and embroidery notes, and schematics for the plastic canvas pieces.

Download your toy train set today and let your kids’ imaginations run off to the circus.


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