Kind of an Update (and Yarn Smackdown)

Just gotta say how totally in love with the internets (and with you) I've been this week. So. much. fun. If you're looking for an update, I don't have one yet. But word about Whedoncraft is spreading, and even touched down in the mainstream entertainment world today. I'm hearing from some folks who may know someone who may know someone else who might be able to elbow Joss Whedon to see if he'll grant us an interview. So, you know, that's good. For now, keep spreading the word, eh? The more creatively, the better (it's more fun that way). And if you would, spread some comment and link love to people who are picking up the story.

In the meantime, check it out: Kiba started an entire Whedoncraft blog.

Also, the Austin Browncoats group is collecting handmade Jayne hats to sell for charity, and they're down with crocheted ones.

And hey, when we do set up this interview—we will; you wait—I'll definitely ask you all to submit questions, from which I'll pick a selection to ask Whedon. There's been some friendly fun-making about what kinds of crafts questions I'll ask, but we must remember a few things. First, being crafty is being crafty, whether it's with yarn or glue or glitter or clay or words and ideas. Second, we all have interests that extend beyond what we craft. Third, I have a very strong and very personal commitment to and passion for online media and distribution; don't think that won't enter into an interview with the man behind the most talked-about online entertainment project, ever. Just sayin'.

Finally, about that titular parenthetical: Tomorrow's the last day you can sign up for the way-fun-looking Olympic-themed Yarn Smackdown [via Craft]!

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