Kids’ face mask


by Elijah K.


This pattern is a reply to a-to-z’s request for a kids’ face mask.

Materials List

Medium-weight yarn, any color

size I-9 hook (5.5 mm)

Finished Size

variable, depends on your kid’s face size


3 cm – 4 rows of sc, 5 sc


Try it on constantly as you work.

The Pattern


Chain until 4 times the width of the your child’s nose is reached, plus one extra chain.
1-Sc into 1st ch from hook, and across row to 1 ch from the end, sl st.
2-Ch 1, repeat row 1 across row.
3+4-Ch 1, repeat row 1 across rows, but in place of sl st, sc 2 into next st.
Repeat row 4 as needed, if the distance between the bottoms of the nose and the eyes is larger.
1-Ch 1, {sc into each sc} until 3 sts’ width from corner of eye, hdc 2, dc, ch width of eye, sk however many sts to make a good eye hole, hdc, sc width of between the eyes (minus the hdc’s), hdc, ch eye width, dc, hdc 2, sc same number of sc’s in { }’s, which should be to the end of the row.
2-Ch 1, sc in each sc, sl st in each hdc, dc, and each ch, across row.
A-Ch 1, sc in each st across row.
B-Ch 1, sc in each st across row, sc2tog at ending 2 sts.
C-Ch 1, sc2tog, sc in each st across row, sc2tog at ending 2 sts.
Repeat rows A, B, and C in a random pattern to fit your kid’s forehead, starting with A right after the eyes.
You and your kid have fun!

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