Keeps Your Hands Warm with Free Crochet Patterns

Crocheted mittens and fingerless gloves are a favorite crocheted accessory or gift for many crocheteres. Whether it is a thick thrummed fabric, felted stripes, or rows of single crochet, crocheted mittens are the perfect cold weather fashion statement. Or turn a crocheted mitten pattern in to a pair of mitts. And when the weather is warmer, a pair of lacy fingerless gloves makes any outfit more fun.

In this free crochet eBook, you will find a selection of accessories perfect for your hands-from crochet mittens to fingerless gloves.

  Perfect for the pet lover, the Fetching Dog Mittens by Judith L. Swartz are the ideal crochet mittens for taking your dog for a walk or a stroll around town. Keep a couple of dog treats, your keys, or a little spare cash in the handy pockets. Cross-stitch embroidery creates the dog bone silhouette that graces the pocket flap. If you are not a dog bone fan, use your own design.
  Learn to adapt thrumming to crochet with the Thrummed Mittens by Marlaina Bird. Unspun wool is secured to stitches as they are worked, creating a fleecelike lining on the inside of these crochet mittens. The more they are worn the more the lining will felt, creating extremely warm winter mittens.
  The Supremely Lacy Mitts by Natasha Robarge are great for year-round use. Spice up an elegant ensemble with a pair of these lacy crochet fingerless gloves or add a bit of fun to a casual outfit. Crochet several pairs in a variety of color combinations.
  The Spring Fever Mittens by Julia Vaconsin are fabulous for all ages. These crocheted mittens are sized from small child to adult and embellished with simple embroidery and crocheted flowers. The crocheted felt of the mittens makes them perfect for beginning crocheters and perfect for cold winter afternoons.

Whether you are looking for a pair of cold weather mittens, a little warmth for a fall afternoon, or a lacy accessory to wear all year, you will find the perfect mittens and fingerless gloves in Crochet Mittens: 4 Free Patterns for Crochet Fingerless Gloves, Felted Mittens, and Other Mitten Patterns. We would love to see your work; share your pictures in the Crochet Member Gallery.

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