Kaitlin’s Nail Polish Bottle


Kelly Lynn Smith


At 3” tall, this crocheted nail polish bottle is the same size as the real thing—but NO spills!  This pattern makes up VERY fast and is a wonderful little thank you gift for your favorite nail tech or cosmetologist. Perfect for that girly-girl that can’t get their hands on enough nail polish!  It’s also great for random acts of kindness, on a Christmas tree, keychain, or sitting on one’s own bureau.

This design requires a basic understanding of crochet techniques such as increasing/decreasing, adding on yarn, and ability to make basic crochet stitches. No warranty is implied and no liability is assumed.  Results may vary according to tension and skill level.  The pattern may not be resold or distributed in ANY form and remains the sole property and copyright 2011 Kelly Lynn Smith DBA Angelsun. Finished bottles may be sold.  Credit and Links appreciated. 

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Materials List


G hook

Soft Payette Yarn (Shown in Karat and Rose Quartz)

(Other Sporting Weight Yarns Work too)

Quaker Black Acrylic 1500 Chenille Yarn


Finished Size

Finished size is around 3″–approximately the same size as a real nailpolish bottle.


Gauge is variable according to hook size and yarn thickness. 

The Pattern

Instructions with photos may be found in the attached PDF.

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