Jonas Sweater: Keep Tunisian Stripes in Line

We've got some lovely Tunisian projects in the Winter 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet, and two of them make great use of stripes. So here's a quick review of how to keep your stripes nice and even when changing colors in Tunisian. 
For a nice straight edge to your stripes, pick up your new color on the last yarn over of the return pass of the previous row. This will ensure that the first stitch of the new row is in the correct color, and you won't get a color jag at the edge. 
You can see here that all of the loops on your hook will be in the new color.
This creates a nice, straight edge to your rows.

For a less solid line, that looks more like a woven or blended effect, change to the new color at the beginning of the return pass, instead. This will cause the two colors to overlap at the row where they meet.

These swatches are shown in Tunisian simple stitch, but you can play with many different stitches to create different effects with changing colors.


Enjoy these fun new Tunisian projects! We're looking forward to seeing your exciting color combinations.

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