Joining with Crochet Chains

UrbanFringeSI may not have been fringe’s biggest fan, but the Urban Fringe Scarf from Continuous Crochet is quickly leading me to reassess. This oversized scarf’s fringe is created not with strands of yarn but with unjoined sections of the scarf’s colorful strips. The lace strips remind me of the Bruges crochet lace strips I’ve worked before, but these strips are worked straight and not joined as you crochet them.

The crochet technique Kristin Omdahl uses to join the strips also caught my attention. Yarn is joined in a loop on one strip, several chain stitches are worked before joining with a slip stitch in a loop on the opposite strip. More chains are worked before slip stitching into the loop on the original strip. This pattern is repeated until the strips are joined together.

Joining using crochet chains

Joining the first two strips of the Urban Fringe Shawl

This technique has always fascinated me. I’ve seen it used to join fabric squares, garment pieces, and more. After working it on the Urban Fringe Shawl, I can definitely say I’ll be trying it again!

From Bruges crochet lace to join-as-you-go motifs to projects worked on both sides of a beginning chain and so much more, Continuous Crochet will give you new experiences with seamless crochet. Download or order your copy of Continuous Crochet today and be sure to check out our Fall Sale!

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