Joining Motifs as You Go: The Moth Wings Shrug

I once attempted a baby blanket constructed of individually crocheted squares. The squares are still sitting, unjoined, in a bag somewhere in my closet. Why are they sitting almost forgotten in my closet instead of draped over the end of a crib somewhere? It's the joining of each of the squares that is keeping me from finishing it.

But the Moth Wings Shrug is constructed by joining the motifs squares as you go. This eliminates a large amount of finishing time.

The first motif is worked through the last row; subsequent motifs will be joined on the last round.

Once a subsequent motif has been worked through Rnd 3, work Rnd 4 just to the first corner. Chain 2 and lay the working motif right side to right side with the adjoining motif. This is the motif you are joining your working motif to. Make sure you are joining the correct edges. This attention becomes especially important when you are joining more than one edge.
Now slip stitch in the third chain of the corner chain 5 on the adjoining motif. I am "unfolding" the motif so you can see each step.

Chain 1 and slip stitch in the next chain 3 space in your working motif.

Chain 1 and slip stitch in the next chain 3 space on the adjoining motif; chain 1 and slip stitch in the next chain 3 space on the working motif.

You will continue in this pattern until you reach the next chain 5 corner. Work this corner as you did the first, chaining 2 instead of 1. If the corner already has a join, work in the same stitch as the previous join.

Now unfold the two newly joined motifs and admire your work before continuing around the motif, working the rest of the round as for the first motif.

I love watching this project grow with each new motif! There is still time to join the Moth Wings Crochet-along.

Best wishes,

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