Join in Our First Crochet-Along

So, we've been hanging out together for a while now, but we still haven't gotten together to crochet. What's that about?

Let's change that. We can't all get together in a room (that would have to be a mighty big room!), but we can get together virtually. The way this works is, we set up a forum on CrochetMe. Once we decide what to crochet, I'll set up a forum that outlines the schedule for swatching, crocheting and finishing the project. I'll recap the yarn amounts needed, but you'll have to secure the pattern yourself. (If you don't already have the pattern, this is a great opportunity to flesh out your library! Below, I've linked to the index of each project's home issue, so you can check out the other patterns in the issue. All these patterns are also available in the online Interweave Store. Just click on the picture for a link.) Along the way, you can post pictures of your work in progress, ask questions about techniques, offer tips on how to work the project.

To get us prepped for our first-ever CrochetMe Crochet-Along, I trolled through some back issues of Interweave Crochet. I found three patterns that we should be able to finish in time to wear them this year.

All of these patterns are are pretty accessible for newbie crocheters, and should be quite gratifying for advanced crocheters. And we'll all be here to help you learn new techniques. That's what the crochet-along is all about!

Here are the contenders:


Ocean Pearls Cardigan by Julia Vaconsin

Interweave Crochet Summer 2008

This is a great cardigan for anything from date night to crochet night to a stroll in the park. The body is worked in double crochet punctuated with sweet bobbles. With its minimal shaping, it's a fine project for a first sweater. I'm thinking it would be a fabulous, fancy office sweater. (What is it about offices that makes them chilly? Even my home office is chilly.)

To see the index for Summer 2008, click here.

Malabrigo Top by Julia Vaconsin

Interweave Crochet Spring 2009

Hmm. I might have a Julia Vaconsin crush. But really, don't you look for any excuse to work with Malabrigo lace? Yeah, me too. This top is great dressed up or just slipped on over a Tee. The top part is worked in a sweet shell pattern, the bottom in a back-loop-only rib. It's a great introduction to working with shell patterns. Just right when you need a little warmth, but not a full-on sweater, this sweater is just perfect for my daughter (in case you're thinking of crocheting for some one else).

To see the index for Spring 2009, click here.

Beach Sarong by Ellen K. Gormley

Interweave Crochet Summer 2009

I have wanted to make this ever since I first saw it. Making it would give me a good excuse to have a beach day, with this lovely cover-up to take me stylishly from the parking spot on the street to the parking spot on the beach. Plus, I'm eager to crochet with linen. This pattern is a good introduction to working with a stitch diagram, and it's sized from 35" to 49" to fit a range of bodies. This one I'm planning to make for myself, but I'm guessing my daughter will want one too!

To see the index for Summer 2009, click here.

So, which of these should we make together? Let me know here. I'll announce the Crochet-Along on April 26, so get your votes in soon!

I can't wait to get started!


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