Join a Live Webinar with Robyn Chachula

I had the opportunity to sit down with crochet designer Robyn Chachula. We spent an amazing evening discussing crochet, design, and how she applies her analytical brain and previous career in engineering to the creative field of crochet.

I am fascinated by how she can take beautiful crochet motifs and transform them into incredible sweater designs. She explained to me her incredible sticky-not method of planning out how motifs can be joined together to create cardigans, pullovers, shrugs, and more. The possibilities are endless and visual. I love that you can see how your finished piece will look before you even start. It gives me the confidence to try designing with motifs myself.

Robyn is joining us for a live webinar, and she will walk us through:

  • How to join crochet motifs seamlessy.
  • To crochet motifs together for a unique lace.
  • How to layout and customize square motif projects.
  • Different hexagon and circular motif layouts.
  • How to fill in voids in your motif fabric.

I am especially excited about that last point. I have several circular motifs that I would love to join to create a unique pullover. Even better, because this is a live event, Robyn will be able to answer your questions.

Sign up for the Crochet Motif Construction: How to Build Your Next Project with Crochet Motifs Live Web Seminar today. Time is running out!

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