5 Reasons to Join the Crochet Club You’ve Been Waiting For!

|Sponsored| Have you ever thought about joining a crochet club or subscription service that sends yarn? I often wondered what it would be like to have yarn (my favorite thing) shipped to me every month. Thanks to Jimmy Beans Wool, I was able to try out the first few months of their new crochet club subscription service to see if it was right for me. It included yarn, notions, and a mystery crochet pattern. Here is what I learned (and loved).

1. Getting a package of goodies in an adorable box is a great way to boost your mood.

The Jimmy Beans Wool box alone is enough to get you excited! The box is bright blue and covered with pictures of yarn balls. There is nothing better than knowing new yarn has arrived and anticipating all the things you can create with what’s inside. My box was delivered on a Friday, and I got started crocheting on Saturday!


2. I love trying new yarn!

This club has the same benefit as a lot of food subscription services: you don’t get what you don’t need! Over 3 months, I was sent Koigu KPM in 6 colors (6 colors!!!). This fingering-weight, hand-dyed, 100% merino wool yarn is some of the most beautiful yarn I have ever worked with. I was able to make the project in those 6 colors of Koigu, and didn’t have any half-used skeins leftover; the subscription includes just enough to make the project.


3. You can never have too many notions.

Along with the pattern and the incredible yarn you need to make the mystery project, the club sends fun notions, and you can never have too many notions! I loved the fun drawstring bag, the sample hand lotion from Soak, the locking stitch markers, and the collapsible scissors. And now I have a new travel craft bag to carry with me into summer, even after I’ve finished my Koigu project!


4. I loved testing my pattern-reading skills.

I started working the first pieces of this crochet project without knowing what I was creating. When you have to follow the instructions stitch by stitch without mentally filling in information from project detail pictures, you increase your ability to follow the pattern as written. Challenge your own pattern-reading skills and start this mystery project!


5. There is nothing quite like a great surprise.

This incredible project was designed by Kathy Merrick, and what a fun project it turned out to be! I was surprised by the final piece (a lovely cowl made from circle motifs) and love it so much. And Jimmy Beans Wool has a number of fantastic designers lined up for future subscriptions. I can’t wait to subscribe and see what these incredible stitchers create!

If you’re interested in incredible yarn, gorgeous designs, and fun notions, subscribe to Jimmy Beans Wool Crochet Club.

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Happy stitching!

Editor, Interweave Crochet

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