by Marjorie Brigham


Jellybean beaded purseCrochet this colorful coin purse for your favorite little miss! Bead crocheted purse and strap, made in one piece with tubular construction and beaded single crochet stitch.

Materials List

Bead Type



# Needed


6/0 “E”

Red, rainbow



6/0 “E”

Red, mixed shades


  • Size 3/2 perle cotton yarn, 100yds
  • Size D, E or F hook (or size that gives you the correct gauge)
  • 1 beading needle
  • One decorative button

Finished Size

4” X 4 ¼” with a 30” strap


37 beads per sq. inch
70 inches yarn per sq. inch


US Pattern Notation Used
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
PM = place marker
Beaded chain: Draw bead up tight to work, make a chain
Beaded slip stitch (bss): Insert hook in st, slide a bead up close, yo and pull though st. and loop on hook.
Beaded single crochet (bsc):
Insert crochet hook into top of stitch in previous row, yarn over and draw loop through; slide the bead up to the stitch being worked, yarn over and draw loop through both stitches on hook so that the bead is anchored above the stitch of the previous row.
Front bead single crochet, aka Reverse Bead Single Crochet (fbsc): (Beads that you have crocheted in on the previous row will now be facing you.) Push bead up as close to the hook as you can get it, hold on to bead with your thumb, insert hook OVER thread and into sc, thread over, (keep holding the bead), pull through, thread over pull through the two loops on hook. Bead should be in the front. Keep thread tension a little tight so the bead, this will force the bead to stay in place.

The Pattern

String the beads

For this project, you can mix all the colors in a dish and string them randomly or make a pattern alternating 2 of the main color with 1 of the mixed colors.

Body of Bag

  1. Chain 21. Turn. Make one bsc in each of the next 20 stitches.
  2. Instead of turning work, keep going counter-clockwise on the piece. Do a bsc in each loop above the beads in the previous row (this makes a second row of 20 beaded single crochets). PM.
  3. Begin the tube: Make 2 bsc in the first stitch, then work 19 bsc across one side of piece. Make 2 bsc in next stitch, and work 19 bsc across to end of second side of piece (1 round completed — 42 stitches). PM.
  4. Work even on 42 bsc stitches per round until piece measures 4” tall.


bear with bagRow 1: Work 8 bsc, PM. Work 6 bsc, Turn and chain 1.

Row 2: Work 6 fbsc. Turn and chain 1.

Row 3: Work 6 bsc. Turn, chain 1.

Row 4: Work 6 fbsc. Turn, chain 1.

Row 5: Work 6 bsc. Turn, chain 1.

Row 6: Work 6 fbsc. Turn, chain 1.

Row 7: Work 5 bsc. Turn.


Row 8: Make 4 beaded chain stitches. Sl st to attach beaded chain to opposite end of flap. Turn, chain 1.

Work a beaded slip-stitch (bss) in each beaded chain. Tie off last stitch and cut yarn, leaving 4” tail.

Reinforce bag opening

Attach end of yarn to inside of bag, 1/4” below last row of stitches on top of bag. Single crochet in the bottom loop of each stitch (work about 40 stitches).

Tie off last stitch and cut yarn, leaving a 4” tail. This row helps top of bag keep it’s shape and provides a ledge for sewing on a lining.


Work about 144 beaded chain stitches.

Without turning work, now go counter-clockwise. Make a beaded slip-stitch in each beaded chain, placing hook in upper loop of each beaded chain stitch.

Strap should be about 30″ long. Tie off last stitch and cut yarn, leaving a 4” tail.


Weave in ends on inside of bag. Make a fabric lining. Sew the ends of strap between lining and bag on each side. Sew lining to inside of bag. Attach a decorative button to front of bag.

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