Jayne Cobb Crochet Hat


Kim P. Werker


Jayne Cobb was a character in the tragically canceled 2002 television show Firefly, and in that show he received a hat that looked like this. Except it was knitted. But I crocheted this version on account of my harebrained idea that if we generate enough buzz in the online crafts world, it will spill into the mainstream world and Joss Whedon, creator of Firefly and many other great things—including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog—will grant us an interview. Here’s the whole story.

So, grab a huge hook and some chunky yarn and whip one up, ‘k? And then post a photo in a comment on the blog post linked above, and help us get this thing done.

Oh, and tell everyone you know. And if you’re so inclined, design your own Whedoncraft!

Materials List

  • Yarn: Garnstudio Eskimo (100% wool; 50 m/50 g): 1 skein each in yellow, orange, and red
  • Hook: 9mm
  • Notions: Yarn needle, pompom-making stuff (I love using the Clover pompom maker)

Finished Size

One size fits most.


About 8 sts and 8 rows = 4″ in hdc.


I whipped this hat up in an evening. That means two things: First, you, too, can have your own Jayne Hat in an evening. Second, it’s not perfect. That’s what you get for my impatience to get this interview-thing going. So I’ve made a couple of notes in the pattern to let you know how it’s done in the version pictured and how you might want to change it when you make your own.

The Pattern




Jayne Cobb Hat + Jayne Cobb AmigurumiRnd 1: With yellow, beg with an adjustable ring, ch 2 (does not count as st here and throughout), 8 hdc in ring, sl st in first hdc to join, pull tail to tighten ring—8 sts.

Rnd 2: Ch 2, 2 hdc in each st around, sl st in first hdc to join—16 sts.

Rnd 3: Ch 2, *hdc in next st, 2 hdc in next st; rep from * around, sl st in first hdc to join—24 sts.

Rnd 4: Ch 2, *hdc in next 2 sts, 2 hdc in next st; rep from * around, sl st in first hdc to join—32 sts.

Rnd 5: Ch 2, *hdc in next 3 sts, 2 hdc in next st; rep from * around, sl st in first hdc to join—40 sts.

(Note: For smaller heads, eliminate the increases in the next rnd (to remain at 40 stitches, total) and just hdc around. I have a small head, and I could do without the extra four stitches. ETA: For larger heads, work 8 increases in the next rnd instead of 4, for a total of 48 stitches.)

Rnd 6: Ch 2, *hdc in next 9 sts, 2 hdc in next st; rep from * around, sl st in first hdc to join—44 sts.

Rnds 7-8: Ch 2, hdc around, change to orange at end of Rnd 8. (Note: I recommend working one more rnd in yellow before moving on.)

Rnds 9-12: With orange, ch 2, hdc around.

Fasten off and weave in loose ends.




(Note: I crocheted each earflap as a separate piece. You could, alternatively, join yarn directly to the hat, work 8 sc on the hat, turn, and continue with Row 2 below. I used the same hook as for the hat, but for less floppy flaps you might want to use a slightly smaller hook.)

With red, ch 9.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch around, turn—8 sts.

Rows 2-9: Ch 1, sc across.

Row 10: Ch 1, sc2tog 4 times—4 sts.

Rows 11-12: Ch 1, sc across.

Row 13: Ch 1, sc2tog 2 times—2 sts.

Fasten off and weave in loose ends.




With one strand each of the three colours held tog, make a pompom. Sew to top of hat.

With yarn needle and red, whipstitch each earflap to last rnd of hat; earflaps should be placed slightly toward the back of the hat. With red and hook, sl st around each earflap (this adds structure and cleans up the edges). Weave in loose ends.

365.28 (Jayne Cobb Hat)

Here I am all goofy in my Jayne hat.

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