Jacob’s Ladder Scarf


Shannon Johnson


This is a fast and fun fashion scarf designed to give color to those drab outfits we are so often required to wear to work. This project can be completed in little more than a day, and provides practice with progressively taller stitches.

Jacob's Ladder Scarf

Materials List

1 (2) skein(s) of Noro Silk Garden (109 yds, 45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair, 10% Lambswool), size J/10 (6mm) hook and a darning needle.

Jacob's Ladder Scarf

Finished Size

Width is 5 in (12.7 cm), length is 62 in (1.5 m) for 1 skein version, or 74 in (1.9 m) for 2 skein.Jacob's Ladder Scarf 5


1 fan = 2 in (5 cm) wide and 2.5 in (6.3 cm) high.

Jacob's Ladder Scarf


Create Fan Pattern: each fan is a collection of progressively larger and then progressively smaller stitches:

2 sc (0 wraps), 1 dc (1 wrap), 2 tr (2 wraps), 2 dtr (3 wraps), 1 tr tr (4 wraps), 1 qu tr (5 wraps), 1 tr tr (4 wraps), 2 dtr (3 wraps), 2 tr (2 wraps), 1 dc (1 wrap), 2 sc (0 wraps)

To alter the length of the scarf, the pattern is a multiple of 5 plus 1.

ch chain
dc double crochet
dtr double treble
qu tr quadruple treble
rep repeat
sc single crochet
sl st slip stitch
sp space
tr treble (triple) crochet

tr tr triple treble

Jacob's Ladder Scarf

The Pattern

Foundation: Chain 101 (121)

Row 1: 1 sc in 1st ch, *ch 5, skip 4 ch’s, 1 sc in next (5th) ch* rep from * to end. [20 (24) ch 5 spaces]

Row 2: Turn, ch 1, *create fan in ch 5 sp. (2 sc, 1 dc, 2 tr, 2 dtr, 1 tr tr, 1 qu tr, 1 tr tr, 2 dtr, 2 tr, 1 dc, 2 sc) Elongate ch on hk and crossover to bottom of foundation ch. Create fan in ch 5 sp. Elongate ch on hk and crossover to top of foundation ch.* Rep from * to end.

Row 3: Ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hk (picot made). Ch 8, *sl st in center of fan (top of qu tr), ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hk, sl st in top of qu tr, ch 8, sl st in 3rd ch from hk, ch 6* rep from * to end. Make last picot at bottom tip of last fan.

Finishing: Weave in all ends. Block finished piece.

Jacob's Ladder Scarf

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