Interweave Yarn Hacks Presents DIY Fringe in Bulk

We here at Interweave go through a lot of yarn, and very quickly. We really appreciate any opportunity to make lots of something at once (see DIY Bulk Pom-Poms). Naturally, we totally geeked out on this cool and easy way to make tons of fringe at once using only a baking sheet and scissors.

Get ahold of a baking sheet with a little depth to it, wrap the yarn you’re using to make the fringe around it widthwise. Starting from one end and working your way to the other, cram as much yarn as you need onto the baking sheet. When you get to the other end and it looks like you have plenty, take your scissors and cut the yarn on one of the sides, resting the scissors into that depth under the yarn. The yarn strands should all be the same length. Voilá! A buncha fringe for your project!

As usual with fringe, once you’ve attached it to your project, you might need to even it up a little by cutting any longer pieces to match the shorter ones. Or shape it to complement the contour the edge of your project.

Don’t have a project that calls for fringe? Try out the Crochet Mandala Wall Hanging. It’s a fun summer project that will look really cute up on your wall. Or try a number of other Interweave crochet and knitting patterns that call for fringe, and have a fringe heyday!

What else could you use, besides a baking sheet, to easily make lots of lengths of fringe at once?

Happy fringing!
The Yarn Hacks Team

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