I've Got (another) Brand New Bag

Yes, it happened again. In the course of proofing a pattern—in this case, the Hosta Tote by Brenda K.B. Anderson—I just kept going. And after a few episodes of Midsomer Murders, I had a brand-new bag. 
Hosta Tote Here is the original Hosta Tote lounging about the photo studio. You'll find all the specs in the Spring 2015 issue of Interweave Crochet.
And here is my version, lounging about the garden, resting up after hauling yarn to a crochet event. It'll need the rest, because it's going to the farmers' market later this week.
The bag is addictive. You'll want to continue past the time your wrist says "Uncle!" It's worked in tapestry crochet at a tight enough gauge that you don't need to line it. But you do need to rest your wrist periodically. Working on it a couple hours each evening is about right.

When you're working the clever color-changing pattern, pay attention to the final rep of the chart, as that is when the pattern shifts to set up the next row. Easy-peasy, but it's easy to just keep noodling along in the set pattern & then have to ravel back a bit. Ask me how I know.

At left, the tube is all complete and the bottom points are magically coming together to form the bottom.

 I'm thinking I could fit a pink/yellow version into my life.

What colors will your Hosta Tote be? Let us know!

Happy crocheting!

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