I've Got a Brand New Bag

In the Summer 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet, you'll find the Scout Bag by Donna Childs. An elegant variation on the market bag, this tote is sure to become your go-to gathering bag for summer.

And, really, I just meant to proof a bit of the pattern repeat. I grabbed a ball of Valley Yarns Franklin (in Grue) to start the pattern. And the pattern was far more engaging and interesting than I'd anticipated.

And that green yarn was unfurling in the most interesting way. And pretty soon, I was powerless to stop crocheting.

I just Had To Finish the whole swath.

And then I had to do the other side, right?

In between, I dove into my sockweight stash and found the perfect color to make that green pop.

This is Shibui Knits Sock in 1675 (aka Pagoda).

And for the strap, the delicious Zara Hand-Dyed in Z-11Twilight. (I love this yarn. I love this color. I want to crochet a house from it and live there.) 


Here is the Pagoda Shibui Knits all worked up. I riffed on the Nest Square Dishcloth by Ellen Gormley in Crochet at Home. (I subbed ch-2 for hdc at the corners, btw). This yarn is super-stretchy and expands to fit the square mesh part of the bag.
Like so. To marry the two, pin the lining to the outside at the corners, then the center, then the midpoints between center and corner.

Then chain stitch the two sides together, working through the back loop of each color.

(Your choice on whether to use the lining color or the exterior color. I used the lining color, which showed on the other side, but then I sandwiched it into invisibility when I joined the strap.)

Join the lining to the exterior using chain stitch along one side, across the bottom and up the other side.

For the final side, whip out your sewing needle. Sew the final side of the lining to the bottom row of the top edge of the bag. Insert the needle through the back loops only of the exterior, then through both loops of the top row of the lining (after you've started stitching, flip the bag to the front to make sure that your stitches are picking up just the back loops and don't show on the other side.)
Now, time to join the strap! No idea why this is so blurry, but if you squint, you can see that you work under the front loop of the bag exterior (green loop shown in front there) and the top loop of the strap. The orange stitches from joining the lining will be hidden within the sc join.
It's very pretty, the sc join. It's not the best join for everything, but on a bag, it's just right.
And here is is, in all its glory.
I just love how the orange peeps through the green.
And if I want to love that orange all over — it's reversible!
This is my new go-to bag for travel, when I need a daytime satchel at my destination, but don't want to haul an extra bag. It squishes right up in my suitcase, then comes out to hold a notebook, wallet, lipstick–you know, the things you need. And it expands to hold things that you gather along the way.

Can't wait to see your Scout Bags!

Happy crocheting,



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