It’s Practically February – Link Dump

south park afghan finished

south park afghan finished:sukigirl74

What's open in my Firefox tabs today? Here's what's open in my Firefox tabs today:

  • This hilarious Tunisian crochet South Park afghan (above). I wish they were looking at each other, a la The Brady Bunch.

  • There's a great article in the Etsy Storque about photo styling. It's geared toward product photography (for sellers), but it's just as relevant to plain-old project photography (for crafters like us). (Big news from Etsy yesterday. Also, I second Robert's recommendation of Deep Economy. It's a great read, despite it's less-than-enticing title. If you look closely, I think you might be able to spot my copy of the book in the winter issue of Interweave Crochet.)

  • Annette has opened her pattern shop! (En francais, aussi.)

  • Check out this way cool postcard project [via Murketing].

  • Finally, Natalie at CRAFT blogged about the enormous crochet art on the walls of Urban Outfitters HQ.

We're starting to really gear up to go to press on the spring issue of the magazine. Putting my head back to PDFs now. (It's nice to be thinking of spring.)

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