it’s not too late!

Just a gentle reminder that we're accepting limericks until January 3rd! We know you want that Verity Poncho, and the gift certificate from the one and only fabulous Stitch Diva.

Also, overnight delivery will still get your rad crochet gifts to loved ones in time!

And just in case you needed some poetic inspiration, here's a limerick Mr. Crochet me wrote:

There once was a woman from Brown,
who crocheted her way 'round town,
One day at the fair,
She hooked someone's hair;

While roller-coasting upside down.

And if you still need inspiration, here's another one he wrote:

There once was a guy with a wife–
she crocheted through concord and strife.
She hooked leaps and bounds,
Through life's ups and its downs,

On this roller coaster of life.

Yes, he does frequently entertain me with such ditties about pretty much anything. And yes, limericks really are fun. In moderation.

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