It’s All About Crochet

What do they talk about on Knitting Daily TV: brioche knitting, knit socks, fit? Yes, they do talk about those things, but there is also LOTS of crochet! Host Vickie Howell is a contributor to Interweave Crochet, and a passionate crocheter. She has also brought a great deal more crochet to the Knitting Daily TV lineup.

Episode 1313, Crochet Day, is all about crochet. You heard me right; all crochet! Robyn Chachula stops by to teach us how to crochet plaid; the Double Stitch Twins chat about crochet and fashion forward designs, and more. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes.


I want you to experience the crochet on KDTV for yourself, so here is a special code that will allow you to download an episode for free. You can download or order the entire KDTV Series 1300 or download individual episodes.

Check out Knitting Daily TV Episode 1313 with a free with coupon code: CROCHETTV. Then check out more great crochet techniques and patterns in other episodes of Knitting Daily TV.

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P.S. What crochet technique would you like to see on KDTV? Share your ideas in the comments.

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