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Well, now that we're actually in spring, with flowers all abloom, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at some behind-the-scenes at the Interweave Crochet Spring 2012 shoot. These photos were all shot with an iPhone, good for catching people when they're busy doing something else and don't know that you're taking a picture.

We did the photoshoot for Spring the week before Thanksgiving. This is a funny time to shoot for Spring. It's tough to shoot outdoors because it's cold and all the plants are dying. And often, folks are trying to jazz things up by putting up Christmas lights. So, to capture a spring-like feeling, we went indoors and brought springtime with us.

Come on in! This is the Harper Point Photography studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, about a half hour north of the home office in Loveland. Note the reflection of the winter trees in the window.
The true source of our super-power: Lots of caffeine.
The balloons have arrived and are looking for a home.
Nate spruces up the set. Nate is an extraordinary photographer. His vacuuming skills are just bonus.
In the craft corner, Caleb and Susan cut out puffy white clouds. We ended up not using them. Who needs clouds when you can have a clear, blue sky?
Nate gets in touch with his inner florist as Susan and Caleb assist. If it's not spring, make spring.
Nate checks the lighting.
Some of you may have been concerned that we had a bike on the set, but no helmet. (I know my husband said a thing about it!) No actual riding was done in the studio, but we were prepared with a helmet, just in case. Caleb is on stand-by.
And Sharon practices safe Tweeting.
The balloons take a nap. At the end of the second day, this is about how we all felt.
Except for this guy, who's hiding, hoping to live in the studio forever more.

So, there you go! That's the action behind the scenes. It's always a challenge to reproduce the season we're shooting. In a few weeks, we'll be shooting for the Fall issue. We'll Tweet you some peeks.

I hope you're enjoying the Spring 2012 issue! As soon as I finish the Marina Sweater from the Winter 2011 issue, I'll be diving into one of those skirts. Oh, and stay tuned for details on Marina (love those motifs! All done except for the leaves, because I haven't found the right shade of green yet). Is anyone else making Marina?

Talk to you soon!


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