Is this Your Favorite Crochet Sweater?

Which crochet top pattern is your favorite? Because I can see the analytics, I have the wonderful opportunity to see which crochet sweater patterns are your favorites. And I have to say that I completely agree!

Here are five favorite sweater patterns. Is your favorite here?


Saturn Sweater

This crochet cardigan is a perfect layering piece. The colorful button band and surface crochet stripes around the yoke and sleeves are added after the bulk of the cardigan is finished. Create your cardigan in your favorite colors or in neutral shades that match everything.

Saturn Sweater by Linda Permann    

Riverstone Cardigan

It's the texture and colorwork that make this cardigan a favorite of crocheters. It's also a great project to inspire you to dive into your stash. While you need between three and seven skeins of the main color (the pattern is sized to a 56 inch bust), you only need a couple of skeins of the contrasting colors.

Riverstone Cardigan by Mandy Moore    

Lotus Sweater

The delicate lace and elegant drape makes this crochet pullover is a sophisticated addition to your wardrobe.  With a touch of waist shaping in the back and a loose twist in the front, this sweater is also incredibly flattering.

Lotus Sweater by Megan Granholm    

Capri Cover

This pineapple motif inspired design is easily modified into a t-shirt length top, a tunic, or a dress. Wear your finished design over your bathing suit, with a simple cami, or with a simple shift. This design is highly addictive so prepare to create several variations. The cotton yarn and open-work lace fabric makes it a perfect summer project.

Capri Cover by Tammy Hildebrand    

Cascade Pullover Tunic by Kristin Omdahl


Cascade Pullover Tunic

The medallion embellishments at the hem and sleeve edge elevate this pullover far beyond the ordinary. The medallions, in two colors, also enhance the front of the sweater. This crochet pullover is easily dressed up or down and is the perfect weight for spring, summer, and fall.

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P.S. Cardigan, pullover, short-sleeved, or long, what is your favorite crochet top style?

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