Is It Hot Out There, or Is That Just Your Hook?

  Summer has reached its way around most of the country by now, bringing heat waves and an inclination to set down the 'ole hook and yarn until the crisp winds of autumn return. However, if you're reading this, then you're probably enough of a dedicated crocheter to know that summer isn't an "off-season", but a "show-off-season": another opportunity to show off a fresh side of fabulous crochet fashion. We can't stop stitching any more than we can stop that summer sun from shining, and nothing lends itself to summer style better than crochet. Crochet fashionistas know: the boardwalk is really a catwalk.
One way to beat the heat is with a cute summer top, like the Spring Shell by Simona Merchant-Dest, the Adalia Tank Top by Marikka Hughes, or the Forest Flower Pullover by Kristin Omdahl. Each of these can be styled to suit an afternoon at the park or a day in the office. Pair them with Annette Petavy's Tulip Skirt for full-on summer crochet glory.
Spring Shell by Simona Merchant-Dest Adalia Tank Top by Marikka Hughes Forest Flower Pullover by Kristin Omdahl Tulip Skirt by Annette Petavy
Be the belle of the ball at summer weddings and garden parties with some great crochet accessories like the Emerald Scarf by Tracy St. John or Lily Chin's Glittering Capelet.
Haul your fun summer gear with great crochet totes like Carol Ventura's Spring Market Bag and Marly Bird's Tremendous Tote.
Emerald Scarf by Tracy St. John Glittering Capelet by Lily Chin Spring Market Bag by Carol Ventura Tremendous Tote by Marly Bird
There are way too many great patterns out there to waste months out of the year without a hook in hand! So get yourself a nice glass of ice water (or cool beverage of your choice), find a shady spot, and get yourself settled in with one of these fun summer patterns! I'll be sitting in front of the fan, crocheting away and thinking of you strutting your stitches in style!

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