Irresistible Little Crochet

Baby Blueprint Crochet - Popsicle Boots by Toni

With the holidays so quickly approaching, I know I should have spent the entire weekend finishing up—or even in some cases beginning—all of my last minute gifts. I had the best intentions of whipping out at least three quick gifts this last Saturday.


I settled myself on the couch with a good movie and an unfinished beanie for my brother. Then I opened Robyn Chachula's Baby Blueprint Crochet: Irresistible Projects for Little Ones. Irresistible is right!

I love baby crochet patterns for several reasons: Their small sizes make them a great way to try a new technique or construction method, I seem to always be in need of a baby gift, and crocheted baby patterns are quick projects. Plus they are just so cute.

So with my previously planned presents quickly forgotten—I'll panic about them later—I gathered some stash-busting, fingering-weight superwash wool, a scrap of faux leather, and immediately started a pair of the ultra-cute Popsicle Boots (see my version, above).

Crochet Baby Booties - Popsicle Boots

With several baby gifts already needed for early in the New Year, these booties might quickly become a favorite of mine. Who doesn't melt at the sight of tiny footwear, and these boots can be worked in shades of pink fit for any princess or the increasingly popular gender-neutral brights.

The soles are cut out of faux leather into which you poke holes to work your first row of single crochet. The process took a little getting used to but creates a wonderful smooth base. The best part is these boots can be finished in just an evening or two!

Popsicle Boots
Baby Blueprint Crochet - Ellie on Parade Crochet Mobile

Second on my list to make from the book is the Ellie on Parade mobile. I know my nieces would love playing with these miniature pachyderms. You could make the entire mobile or, like me, just an individual elephant or two.

Either would make a great shower present. And I know a few adults out there who would love this amigurumi elephant for themselves.

Ellie on Parade
Baby Blueprint Crochet - Callum Pullover Baby Sweater

The dinosaur appliqué on the Callum Pullover just makes this adorable pullover and presents limitless possibilities for variation. I want to make it in a deep blue and substitute the Froggie Blanket appliqué, also in the book, for this little dinosaur.


And the simple double crochet construction means even my sister, a beginning crocheter, could make this sweater. We may have to create a family crochet-along next year.

Callum Pullover
Baby Blueprint Crochet - Kyla Mod Stroller Crochet Baby Blanket

Lastly, I am so in love with the Kyla Mod Stroller Blanket, I may have to make three—one for my cousin's baby and two to sew together, creating a lap blanket for myself.


With its granny-square-type motifs, this blanket would make a great travel project. There are three stitch patterns used, ensuring you won't get bored.

Kyla Mod Stroller Blanket  

Which of the crochet baby patterns from Baby Blueprint will you start first? Robyn's newest book is now available, so order your copy today and join me in starting the new year with a "little" crochet project.

Best wishes in the New Year,

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