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I love hanging out with Lily Chin. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her yet, be sure to say hi if you ever get the chance. She is fabulous and hilarious! She will admit to being a bit of a geek (well, maybe more than a bit), and she is as full of energy as she is crochet tips—and that’s saying something.
You may not have the chance right now to meet Lily in person, but you can still learn her tricks and techniques and bring that contagious smile and laugh into your crochet studio or living room. Check out these great video workshops.

Mosaic Crochet with Lily Chin

Mosaic crochet creates a strong geometric pattern, usually in at least two colors. The colorful and textured patterns look complicated, but after watching Lily Chin's new workshop DVD I am amazed at their simplicity. Just a few basic stitches create an easy pattern that you can use for a simple scarf or afghan or adapt to a more complicated sweater or garment.
In her DVD, Lily walks you through the steps of mosaic crochet from the foundation chain to project ideas, from afghans to hats and sweaters. She shows how to work I-drop stitches, which are worked straight down, as well as diagonal stitches such as those used to create "letter" patterns such as "v" and "x." You can use these stitches to create several patterns Lily has designed. And if you want to create your own pattern, Lily shows you how to sketch your pattern out before working it in yarn.


Join as You Go Crochet: No-Sew Techniques for Garments, Trims, Colorwork & More with Lily Chin

You can always count on Lily Chin to teach you an amazing new trick. Minutes into her newest video workshop, and I am already pausing, rewinding, and reaching for my crochet hook and yarn.
I have joined lacy motifs as I crocheted them, but Lily's instructions for joining solid crochet fabric as you go is simple and genius. This technique eliminates the sometimes bulky seams that few people enjoy creating and allow you to easily work colowork pieces that imitate crochet intarsia.


Two-Color Tunisian Crochet In-the-Round with Lily Chin

I realize how daunting two-olor Tunisian crochet in-the-round must sound to someone who has little to no experience with Tunisian crochet. Images of tangled strands of yarn attached to various parts of your project; long, double-ended hooks; two colors at one time; I can see where this is going in your mind.
This is how I also felt before I sat down to watch Lily Chin’s video. I was pleased to discover that she starts with the very basics. What kind of hook do I need? How can I differentiate between the two ends of the hook without confusion? How should I hold the yarn? All of these were answered clearly, with full instruction.



The Crocheter's Toolbox: Lily Chin's Techniques and Tricks for Savvy Crocheters with Lily Chin

After crocheting for over forty years, Lily Chin has learned a trick or two—how to manage loose ends, create the perfect beginning chain, and speed up your crochet just to name a few. And in her workshop, she shares over seventy of her best tips and tricks. She'll even teach you a new thing or two about the simple gauge swatch.
Which workshop do you want to watch first? You can order the Lily Chin Digital Video Workshop Kit and receive all four of Lily’s workshops for a special price or download the digital copies and invite Lily over today.
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