Introducing the Spike Stitch

I agree with Josi Hannon Madera. I love the crocheted spike stitch. This eye-catching stitch allows you to quickly create beautiful colorwork, and learning how to crochet with spike stitches is easy. Spike stitches are created by inserting the hook in a stitch at least two rows below. After yarning over, the loop is pulled up to the height of the row being worked. Yarn over and draw through two loops on your hook just as you would a normal single crochet.

By inserting the hook two rows down, a short spike is created. If the hook is inserted four or five rows down, you will see a much longer spike. Josi Hannon Madera explores the possibilities of spike stitch beautifully in her Spike Stitch Pillow Sham. You can check out the free pattern in the Member Patterns and find out more about this fascinating stitch in her Spike Stitch Introduction in the forums.

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