Interweave Yarn Fest 2018: Learn Tunisian Stitch, Solomons’ Knot Lace, Filet Crochet and More!

One of our favorite events of the year is coming up! If you are looking to expand your crochet skills, learn a new technique, or explore the area’s best marketplace then join us for Interweave Yarn Fest 2018 in Loveland, Colorado, on April 12-15, 2018.

Experts from around the country will be attending the event to teach an array of techniques. Master Tunisian stitch, learn tapestry crochet, or tackle crocheted cables. Interweave Yarn Fest is also a fantastic way to try something new—beginner classes are offered in knitting, weaving, spinning, and more.

Learn new techniques with these trending topics and projects

interweave yarn fest 2018

Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian crochet is often thought of as a way to create the look of knitted fabric using crochet, but it is really much more than that and lies in a category all of its own. Worked in paired forward (picking up loops) and return passes (working off the loops), a myriad of unique stitches can be created.

In our Tunisian Crochet workshop with Daniela Nii, you will learn how to pick your hook size, work up a Tunisian stitch sampler to lay the foundation for your Tunisian crochet adventures, how to increase and decrease, and how to finish your work with lots of tips along the way.

Learn about Daniela Nii: Daniela Nii learned to knit, crochet, and sew in elementary school in Switzerland over 30 years ago. Today she tries to learn something new with every project, and uses a diverse range of techniques to produce designs that highlight simplicity and elegance. She is also a freelance technical editor for knitting and crochet, the founder of the Mile High Knitting Guild, and

Check out all the classes Daniela has to offer at Interweave Yarn Fest 2018.


interweave yarn fest 2018

Solomon’s Knot Lace

Join Robyn Chachula and fall in love with a beautiful vintage lace technique. Solomon’s Knot Lace is an amazingly easy lace to crochet once you master the basic stitches. In class, we will talk about tips for making the perfect loops, how to add sparkle with beads, and how simple it is to combine it with classic crochet stitches. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with that single skein of dramatic novelty yarn in your stash, this is the lace technique for you! This is a beginner level class, and students must know chain and single crochet. This class is a good choice for knitters who would like to try crochet.

Learn about Robyn Chachula: Robyn Chachula has written a number of books on crochet, from teaching crochet symbols in her Blueprint Crochet series to exploring the many varied crochet techniques in Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia and Unexpected Afghans (available at She has been a featured guest on Knitting Daily TV, and is also one of the crochet experts on the PBS show, Knit & Crochet Now! She and her little assistants work and play in Pittsburgh, PA.

Check out all the classes Robyn Chachula has to offer at Interweave Yarn Fest 2018.


interweave yarn fest 2018

Filet Crochet

Filet Crochet is the art of making pictures in crochet using open and closed meshes. But that’s not all there is to Filet Crochet. Susan Lowman will start with the basics of Filet Crochet (open mesh, closed mesh, and lacets), then expand on the basics to learn increases, decreases, diagonal stitches and more. Learn to read a Filet Crochet chart and feel confident in tackling that gorgeous Filet Crochet project you’ve always wanted to make! The Filet Crochet technique isn’t just for crochet thread. It can be done with yarn, as well!

Learn about Susan Lowman: Susan Lowman is a well-known crochet designer, technical editor and teacher. She enjoys experimenting with new crochet techniques and sharing her enthusiasm for crochet with her students. Susan is a patient, encouraging teacher with 11+ years of experience and in-depth, detailed class handouts. She is a Craft Yarn Council Certified Teacher/Instructor and loves seeing the light bulb go off in her students’ heads when they “get it”! Susan has been crocheting for 40+ years and has over 200 published crochet designs in various crochet techniques. She also enjoys the challenge of technical editing for various books and magazines. Susan owns and operates her website,, where she shares her crochet knowledge through blogging, crochet tutorials and her self-published crochet patterns. Susan has been a professional member of CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) since 2002.

Check out all the classes Susan Lowman has to offer at Interweave Yarn Fest 2018.

See you at Interweave Yarn Fest 2018, crocheters!

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