Interweave Crochet Winter 2017

interweave crochetHumans have always created. Even in prehistoric societies where survival was precarious, people went beyond the utilitarian and pots. Beauty didn’t make these items more useful, but it satisfied something in people’s souls. Even now we don’t fully understand what drives our creative impulses. We do, however, know that creativity can help our brains the way physical exercise can help our bodies. Research on cognitive activities (such as doing crossword puzzles) has confirmed what crafters have suspected all along: projects make us happier, and they build better brains.

In this issue of Interweave Crochet Winter 2017, we invite you to fully embrace all the ways crochet can ground us and connect us to each other. Through projects that surprise and delight, through skill-building, and through the perspectives and stories of our crochet family far and wide, we hope you find your creative stimulation.

Click an image below to dig deeper into this issue, exploring the themes behind our patterns. We know you will find just the right project to ground you, inspire you, and keep your hook moving.

Yours in yarn,



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