Interweave Crochet, Summer 2015

The Interweave Crochet Summer 2015 issue features 25+ stunning projects, including five amazing dresses! Our special wedding story includes a feature on crocheting your own floral arrangements and wedding accessories. Other designs take mesh crochet to the next level and show ways to incorporate color into your summer crochet.


Mercantile: Products, Reviews, Books
Select a yarn for your wedding stones, peruse the reading nook, and get into DIY–find your inspiration in the Mercantile! This section includes tons of tips and products for DIY crafting, including making your own jewelry and basic bookmaking. You can also learn to make a tassel and tie a bow tie, and hear all about Robyn Chachula’s new video, Crochet Flowers, in a Q&A. Dive in and see what moves you!

Loose Ends: Wedding Fascinator
As a stylish alternative to a veil, a fascinator is decorative without being traditional, but still feels fancy. It offers the perfect canvas for small crocheted details, and it can be completely customized. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, or a guest, an outfit topped with a fascinator will definitely turn heads!

Everyday Crochet
Jennifer Spears has been crocheting for more than twenty years. In her quest to find something to keep her hands busy during her kids’ soccer games, she taught herself to crochet. Now she considers herself “a geeky crocheter,” and her favorite projects include parasols made with upcycled vintage umbrella frames. Crochet has played a key role in helping her stay positive over the past decade as her health has declined.

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