Interweave Crochet Corrections 2018

Fall 2018

Venturesome Mittens
Right mitten body
Rnd 1 (RS): Esc in same st as join and in next 5 sts…

Unicorn Wall Decor
With RS of face still facing, ch-join (see Stitch Guide) MC at m A.

Summer 2018

First Light Rug
Stitch Guide
First Motif, 1-side join motif, 2-side join motif
Rnd 6: Ch 1, FPdc around same FPdc as join, ch 3, [FPdc around next Fpdc, ch 3] 4 times…

Remove “Ch 36.”

Spring 2018

Aloe Wrap
Stitch Guide
Linked first half double crochet (linked first-hdc): Pull up lp to height of hdc, yo, pull lp through loosely (ch 1 made), insert hook in back bar of ch just made, yo, pull up lp (2 lps on hook), insert hook in indicated st or ch, yo, pull up lp (3 lps on hook), yo, draw through all 3 lps on hook.

Beginning extension (beg ext): Ch 2, linked first-hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in next ch, hdc in next hdc.

Modified foundation half double crochet (mod Fhdc): Yo, insert hook in top of last st worked into (on previous row) or under 2 lps of “ch” just made, yo, pull up lp, yo, draw through 1 lp on hook (“ch” made), yo, draw through all 3 lps on hook (mod Fhdc made).

First points (Make 11)
Row 1: (RS) Ch 2, linked first-hdc [see Stitch Guide], 2 hdc in 2nd ch from hook, turn.

For more information, check out the tutorial

Oakley Top
Shape left neck:
Row 2: Insert hook in first lp, yo, pull up lp, ch 1, sc in each lp across, ch 34 (36, 38, 40, 42), holding right shoulder with RS facing, sl st in beg ch-1 of right shoulder. Fasten off.

Wilder Dress Yoke

C: 3/4″
2 cm

D: 61/2 (61/2, 71/2, 71/2, 81/2, 81/2)”
16.5 (16.5, 19, 19, 21.5, 21.5) cm

E: 1/4″
6 mm

F: 21/2 (21/2, 33/4, 33/4, 43/4, 43/4)”
6.5 (6.5, 9.5, 9.5, 12, 12) cm

G: 101/2 (101/2, 111/2, 111/2, 121/2, 121/2)”
26.5 (26.5, 29, 29, 31.5, 31.5) cm


Grimm Hat
Row 1: (WS)
Row 2: (RS)
Row 3: Working in back ridge lp, sl st in 3rd ch from hook, sl st blo in next 9 sts, sl st in next st, drop MC to front, turn.