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Have you ever wondered how an issue of Interweave Crochet is created? The truth is we have a lot of people to thank when a new issue is loaded into the store or placed on the shelves of your local yarn store.

There are the designers who create incredible projects, yarn companies who produce the fabulous yarns, and the tech editors who make sure you will be able to recreate the projects beautifully. But really that is just the beginning. The sample garments and accessories have to be styled and photographed and then the photographs and patterns are expertly and creatively combined to create the finished magazine we all spend hours drooling over.

Here is Interweave Crochet editor Marcy Smith to tell us more about the process and to show off Crochetscene 2015, our newest special issue.

Crochetscene page 23

Welcome to Crochetscene!

I love page 23. Truly, I love every single page, but page 23 embodies every little bit of what we love about Crochetscene.

Go ahead and take a look (at left). I’ll wait here. It’s awesome, yes? What I love about this page starts with the imaginatively geeky design conjured up by Lori Carlson: crocheting molecules of caffeine and chocolate. That is awesome all by itself, but also she did them in thread, so you can dangle them from your ears! She even explains the exact molecular structure, in case you want to know.

Selecting projects for all the Interweave Crochet issues is a wonderful, humbling experience, and Crochetscene attracts truly inspired designs. I never cease to be amazed at what designers dream up. The stunning model was made even more stunning at the hands of our talented hair-and-makeup stylist, Janie Rocek, and wardrobe stylist, Tina Gill. This shot was taken at the end of two days of cold, cold, snowy weather. We were winding down, but when the late-day sun burst into the room, making our model (impossibly) more beautiful, our tireless photographer, Nathan Rega, snapped these final shots and our magic was wrapped—for the moment.

Bubbles Sweater by Jill Wright

Our page designer, Kit Kinseth, unwrapped the shots and made selections, designing a page that shows both the beauty of the photographs and also the detail on the project. Because that’s what it’s all about: showing the project clearly enough that you can see it. Behind the scenes on this page is Daniela Nii, our stunt project editor, who combed over the pattern so that you can re-create it without a stumble. But we weren’t finished yet.
The earrings call for a few jewelry skills to make them as shown (you have the option of skipping this step, of course—they are your earrings). So our assistant editor, Rachel Koon, added information to let you know where you can find a terrific instructional video and free eBook, both produced by our sister beading group. Since we know you are a crafty lot, we thought you’d like to know.

This one page is but an example of what you will find on all the pages of this special issue of Crochetscene: terrific designs clearly shown to inspire and create, with information about more Interweave products that can enhance your creative experience.

Wiggle Wrap by Edie Eckman

(Be sure to check out our Crochetscene-exclusive section Yarn Play, which includes macramé, pom-poms, and weaving!) We’ll get out of your way now, so you can get about the magic of making.

—Marcy Smith

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