In Search of Sweaters

. As I write this, we are experiencing temperature highs of -5 and wind chills in the -40's. I can't pretend anymore. A girl needs more than shawls to keep warm in this kind of weather! It's time to start thinking sweaters. I do this every year: cave to the sweater bug just late enough that any sweater I start now should be done just in time for the Spring thaw, and it will consequently become next year's sweater (or this year's vest). But this year, winter means business, and so do I.
. Our Best of 2010 sweaters e-book is about to go away forever, and there's too much concentrated goodness in there for me to let it slip away without thinking about making at least one of everything in there. Since I usually get about 75% of the way to my goal of finishing a sweater, I figure, logically, if I make my goal to finish 5 sweaters this year, I can hope for at least one to actually wear next year.
. The one that I want to make the most, that I have always wanted to make, is the Northern Dreams Pullover by Julia Vaconsin. The yarn has been discontinued, but there are several suitable substitutes for this sweater. I can just picture it in shades of teal, lime green, gray, and navy. My plan is in motion, now I just need to keep the momentum.

Do you lovely crocheters have sweater plans this year? Do you spend your wintery days daydreaming about colorful alpaca pullovers? What are your tricks to keep stitching when you notice the weather getting too warm for your sweater-in-progress? It's hard to imagine a freeze like this thawing anytime soon, even here in fickle Colorado, so maybe I should quit worrying and start stitching. Well, yarn shopping first, of course. I'll tweet my yarn ideas @CrochetSarahR. Let me know what you think!

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