Imagination and Math

Designer Kristin Omdahl loves math. I do not love math. This difference creates a perfect match. Math is the foundation of some really smart patterns that produce really lovely results, but I want someone else to do the math. That’s where Kristin comes in.

My favorite Kristin Omdahl pattern is the pattern I’m working on at the moment. Or maybe the two or three patterns I’m working on, including two scrumptious crocheted wraps.

Kristin’s Infinity Wrap, from Interweave Crochet Winter 2007, totally enchanted me. I dipped into my stash of hand-dyed yarn to create motif after motif. Each row has the same number of stitches, but they morph row by row until the inner curl becomes the outer curve and the outer curve becomes an inner curl. Math equals magic—and it’s especially mesmerizing worked in a color-changing yarn.

Equally mysterious—and mysteriously easy—is the Stella Shawl, from Kristin’s book “Wrapped in Crochet” (How perfect is that name? Don’t you just love to wrap yourself in crochet?). The Stella Shawl is worked from the center of a circle outward in a marvelously mathematical fashion where the number of stitch repeats matches the row number. The central eight-section motif is then encircled by mesh to create a lovely flowing shawl.

Kristin reveals her secrets in a video that is part of Knitting Daily TV Series 200. And just so you know, the Knitting Daily TV series is not just for knitters; it includes all things fiber, including, of course, crochet.

You’ll find the Infinity Wrap available as a download in the Interweave Store or in a back issue of the magazine.

For a DVD of the Knitting Daily TV Series 200, perfect for personal use or for a crochet group library, visit the Interweave Store.

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