i’m baaack… again.

You will freak out when I tell you why I've been out of touch for so long. But I'm not ready to tell you yet. So, there you have it. I am the queen of suspense. But I am finally ready to end the suspense about a couple of things. Get comfy.

First off, congratulations to Amanda from Florida for winning the Crochet me a Roller Coaster Limerick Contest! Here's her winning piece:

If a roller coaster is what you wish,
Then you haven't seen how poorly I stitch!
I'm a newbie you see
Fancy crocheting for thee,

Will only make me moan, groan and ***!

We can all relate to newbie angst, no? I still cringe if someone hints that they want me to crochet something for them. You tell 'em, Amanda!

Secondly, part of the reason I've been out of touch is that I've had work busting from every orifice. Don't get me wrong – I'm not whining. That's how confusing the internet can be! I'm just sayin', is all. I'm thrilled to be so busy. Anyhoo. The February issue is going to be awesome. It's the Issue of the One-Sitting Project. I've been pretty fixated on time management lately, and from the awesome submissions I received I can tell that lots of designers liked the idea, too. You're gonna love it.

And finally, the April issue is making me shake, I'm so excited about it. (Let's take a minute to pretend it isn't monsoon season anymore [in these parts, at least], and think of warm Spring, shall we?) It's the NO Babies, Just Moms and Dads and Siblings Issue! Babies get lots of attention, and we at Crochet me think the rest of the family could use some doting too. So. There will be no baby clothes; no baby blankets; no baby toys; no baby anything in the April issue. But there will be tons of patterns to make pregnant women and new moms happy. And patterns to make the rest of the family feel pretty cool, too. We'll dote on babies another time.

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