IE8 to Comply with Web Standards!

I'll believe it when I see it (or, more realistically, when people tell me about it), but it looks like Microsoft will make the next version of their dreadful web browser web-standards compliant. That's right, Internet Explorer 8 is going to play nice. So they say.

I'm writing about this here because 67% of you still use IE. And because you use IE, this site looks worse for you than it does for other people. That's because I refused to jump through the required hoops to make the site play nice with IE's unique quirks. If I'd been hired by someone to make them a website, I couldn't get away with that. But I decided to do it anyway here because there are better browsers out there than IE, and I frankly didn't have the time for the hoop jumping. (I reiterate my age-old suggestion that you switch to Firefox.) As things stand for the 33% of you using other browsers, I still have a lot of work to do beautifying the site. But now at least the majority of you will see some improvement when IE8 comes out, without me having to do anything. Sweet.

(I have no idea when IE8 is slated for release. So, you know, file this info for sometime down the line. And do consider switching, eh?) 

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