I Want Another Crocheted Scarf

Have you seen the Rapunzel scrarf on the cover of Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012? The braided texture is stunning! This scarf will make an eye-catching acccessory this winter. I already have more WIP projects than I should, and I am busy crocheting gifts for Christmas, so I shouldn't really start another scarf for myself. But I did anyway; I just couldn't help myself.

I found several balls of lucsious superwash wool in a beautiful deep teal. Thanks to a large hook and yarn held double, it only took a couple of hours to create the strands that will be braided to create the finished scarf. I am impressed by how quickly this scarf is working up, and because it is an easy pattern, this scarf is the perfect travel or visiting project. If you are visiting while crocheting, I would recommend a handful of stitch markers to help you keep track of your stitch count.

I can't wait to finish this scarf; I already have several outfits planned for it. And because it is so easy, this scarf will definitely be stored with my quick gift idea patterns.

Best wishes,

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