I Think I Have a Crochet Flower Problem

Flowers from Crochet Flowers video

I think I have a problem. I am seeing crochet flowers everywhere. They are on bags, embellishing shirts, decorating lampshades and pillows. The problem is, they aren’t really there; I’m just imagining how incredible they would look. I guess it’s time for me to get out my crochet hooks, some of the left-over yarn I’ve been saving, and whip up some crochet blossoms to scatter around my wardrobe and home.

Luckily I found a great video, Crochet Flowers, that is an incredible how-to on creating flowers, and I am becoming obsessed with Suzann Thompson’s book Crochet Garden. She has flowers I have never seen before and they are incredible! Here is Suzann to tell us about her inspiration.

Bunches of Flowers, Leaves, and Other Delights

My mother once told me about hunting wild mushrooms with her mother and brothers in the Frankenwalkd of Germany during World War II. She found more mushrooms than anyone else, because, as she says, “I had ‘mushroom eyes.’”

Embellishments from Crochet Garden

While Crochet Garden was in progress, I had “flower eyes.” I saw flowers everywhere!  Hubcaps make me think of strange, futuristic flowers. The speaker at my bank’s drive-through window looked like a Japanese mum.

Then we saw a movie about the Hubble Space Telescope in a 3D theater. The images were so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes. Of course, I could still see that many nebulae—or star nurseries as they were fondly referred to in the movie—look like flowers with bright, glowing centers. (See for yourself at the Hubble website.)
The word “flower” intrigued me, too. This book is about how to crochet the blooming parts of plants that we call flowers. However, people can flower too. If you cover something with blossoms, you flower it. Or when you come into the best, most productive, and rewarding stage of your career or your life, people say that you are flowering. The fascinating connection between images and words figured in many of the designs in Crochet Garden.

Crochet Tulip from Crochet Garden

What can you do with the flowers you crochet? Glue flowers to lampshades, refrigerator magnets, and scrapbook pages. Make pretty party invitations or unique personal stationary using your scanner and a color printer. No matter what you use them for, I hope these patterns will fill your hours with pleasant crochet, and your home and workplace with colorful reminders of nature.

Let’s gather our hooks and yarn, go forth and flower!
—Suzann Thompson

Do you find yourself seeing crochet flowers or do you have a project you want to embellish with a little springtime color? Download our special Crochet Flower Collection and discover the possibilities of flowers that don’t require a green thumb.

Poppycock from Crochet Garden

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P.S. I love the idea of scanning your crochet flowers and using them for personal invitations or stationary. Share your own innovative ideas in the comments.

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