I Need Suction! (And a List)

My head feels like a floating balloon. A red one. Not of the cheery kind, but more of the creepy, eerie, “art” kind. The kind of red balloon that would be the only thing of colour in a mural-sized black-and-white ink drawing depicting life in the underworld. Yes, friends: my sinuses are clogged. up. I want the giant ball of boogers lodged resolutely between the top of my nose, my ears, and my throat to go away.

Now that I've begun the week by mentioning boogers and assuming that can't possibly be too gross for you, I'll continue in bulleted list form, in hopes of completing my thoughts somewhat coherently, possibly for the only time today. Also, I can't start watching more Buffy yet. I only have the second season at home with me, and this unanticipated cold has me going through them far too fast.

  • Buffy rocks. I couldn't stand it when it first aired. But now I'm in love. Five years too late, I'm compelled to name all the electronic devices in our house with Buffy names. I'm tempted to rename Cleo to a Buffy name (but really, she's not a Buffy or a Willow, maybe Cordelia – that at least keeps the whole C thing going… Ah, there I go slipping away from coherence.)
  • Started & Completed During the Book TourI did a lot of mindless crocheting when I was on the road. And I can now wear wool on my neck! It's changed my life, that. Malabrigo (thank you, Michelle!) did the trick. And then I couldn't resist a ball of Karabella Chameleon (a cashmere blend) when we were at Stitch DC, and I can wear that on my neck, too (it's the scarf on the left, crocheted lengthwise in dc through the blo).
  • The winter issue is coming along. Look for it in about a month. My apologies to everyone involved if my emails later today lack in coherence – I'm trying, really I am.
  • I can't take antihistamines because they mess me up. Like bad acid trips. I'm better off suffering through the clogginess, the sniffling, the nose-blowing, and the tickly throat. That said, I'm still going to whine.
  • Book Tour Yarn HaulI came home from the book tour with quite a yarn haul. I'd done a pretty good job over the last year, or so, of not buying yarn so much. I relapsed big-time, which was somewhat predicted in our plan to visit eleven yarn stores. Some yarn had to come home with me because I'd never seen it before, like Schaefer Anne and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. Other yarn had to come home with me because I want to experiment with it in crochet, like the Araucania Nature Wool (for felting) and the Kangaroo Dyer alpaca/silk (for a shawl, maybe? And a huge thank you to Gail at WEBS!), and some Koigu that also isn't shown. And some is to knit (like the Handmaiden Sea Silk that isn't pictured because it's already on my needles).
  • I learned how to spin. Lucy of Mind's Eye Yarns taught me in about five minutes before our event at her store (which is so cosy, by the way), and I felt the tingle of my life changing. Then Shannon let me spin a bit on her wheel at Rosie's a few days later, and that was it. I've spun on two wheels, for a combined total of about 20 minutes, and I've been dreaming of spinning ever since. My spindle never did grab me like this has. The wheels were Ashford Joys, Lucy's a double treadle and Shannon's a single. I prefer the single. And I love the wheel. So now I'm, like, okay, where can I dig up $600 that we don't need… I mean, Lucy even sent me home with some roving. And Shannon's book is awesome, so I'm good to go, right?

So that's my rambling for now.

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