I had a dream

If there's one thing I have done consistently my whole life, it's sleep. I experienced a short bout of insomnia in high school, but that's it. I sleep so deeply natural disasters have failed to wake me. On more than one occasion I've been certain people around me were conspiring to mess with my head by discussing dramatic events I slept through without stirring.

I have, however, on occasion been plagued by dreams. As a kid I had some recurring nightmares I can still recall. In university I had some wickedly vivid surreal dreams (not drug-induced, I swear) that haunted me for days or weeks on end. Although I still occasionally have a disturbing dream, and I often have perfectly pleasant whacko surreal dreams, I rarely have memorable dreams anymore.

Last night I dreamt I met the Yarn Harlot in an airport. Due to the surreal nature of the dream, I can't recall the circumstances that brought me to the airport, or why Stephanie was also there. This dream may have been brought on by the salience of her subtle reference to The Princess Bride yesterday. Like, it would seem, most fibery bloggers, this is one of my all time favourite movies (and I can prove it by reciting it from beginning to end, to the fervent objections of my movie-watching companions).

Anyway. In my dream I met the Yarn Harlot at the airport. There may have been yarn nearby. I explained to ther that I was very disappointed to have missed her visit to Vancouver several months ago (this is true — I had been out of town), and again recently (this didn't actually happen), and managed to gush just enough not to make her totally creeped out. In fact, I managed to charm her, and to convince her to give an abbreviated version of her typical yarn store talk right there in the airport. To an audience of just me. (And maybe somebody else, who I think stood a couple of feet away behind my right shoulder, but I can't remember.) And she did. And she didn't even make like she was just humouring me. Of course, in my surreal dream, her abbreviated talk actually consisted of abbreviated words, and she ended up sounding not unlike the vertically challenged dude from Twin Peaks (even though he didn't speak in abbreviations). But I understood it all, and I felt very special.

And that's it. The end.

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