I Finished Harry Potter: A Return to the Blogosphere

I didn't visit Bloglines this last week out of fear of even a hint of a spoiler. But as of ten minutes ago, HP7 is completed, and I am happy and ready to reenter the world of blogs. Or I might just mark them all as read, given there are over 1100 unread posts waiting.

I'd never before felt inadequate for failing to finish reading a 600-page book in less than a week, but, you know, I've been busy. A handful of alpha testers have joined Crochet Me 3.2, and bugs are being fixed. I might or might not be deluded in my hope that a much larger group of beta testers will be invited by the end of this coming week. And that, barring any massive technotastrophe (I just made that up; I like it; I hope one doesn't befall us), means a launch (or, at the very least, a public beta) will soon follow.

In the meantime, I leave you with a topic. I think Mike Myers is about the funniest person in movies. Discuss.

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