How Would You Style This Crochet Scarf

This elegant crochet lace scaf is the perfect crochet accessory.That crochet pattern is beautiful—but what would it look like on me? I’m no model. Not only do I not fit the height and weight requirements, but as a teenager my crop top t-shirts came to the top of my jeans and I had a really hard time finding jeans that were long enough. A short back and long legs means that the finished piece doesn’t fit me the same way it does the model. Even a crochet scarf looks longer on me than they do on the models in the magazine.

We have heard from many of you who also struggle with imagining how the patterns from the magazine will look on you. Not only are we all different shapes and sizes, but we don’t all dress in the same style either—or have personal shoppers and makeup artists following us around (something I am jealous of every time I go to a photo shoot). I wish there was someone following me around to make sure my hair hasn’t frizzed around my head and my mascara doesn’t make me look like I haven’t slept in a week.

A crochet scarf is the perfect way to dress up a t-shirt and jeans.Our Assistant Editor Dana Bincer had a similar experience when she crocheted the Bit O’ Lace Scarf in the gorgeous Crushed Berry colorway. The scarf doubled duty as a sample for our Bit O’ Lace Scarf kit, and she wondered about all of the different people who would crochet it. What would they wear it with and how would they style it?

Crochet scarf in hand, she ventured through the Interweave offices in search of others who loved the scarf but wanted to wear it with their own fashion twist. I love the results. The same lace crochet scarf is elegant and feminine with a delicate white dress—and isn’t it fabulous as a headscarf? The peek-a-boo pink is the perfect eye-catching accessory with a simple black t-shirt and jeans. And the contrast is perfect with a simple black dress and long vest.

What a great lace crochet scarf.How would you describe your style? Is is feminine and girly, funky and eclectic, a bit hippy or granola, military chic? Personally I love boots, jeans, jackets, and a great hat and scarf. I have a whole closet full of jackets and drawers full of hats and scarves, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a few more.

Perhaps the Bit O’ Lace Scarf will have to be next. Order your Bit O’ Lace Scarf Kit and let us know how you would style it. Hurry we only have a limited number of kits.

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P.S. What is your biggest challenge with deciding what project to crochet next?

How would you style this crochet scarf?






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