How To Spray Block: Blocked Squares, Part 2

Almost a week has passed since I posted the blocking tutorial – read that tutorial first if you haven’t already! Now, I’ve finally grabbed some time to write up the final bit. I took these photos the day after blocking; they dried overnight.

So here’s the final step again:

8. Once dry, remove the pins and enjoy your work.
How to Block Crochet Motif Squares
I played around a bit with the square before I laid it back down for photography. It retains its blocked shape, it has improved drape, and it’s softer to the touch.

Here’s a comparison of the small squares unblocked (left) and blocked (right):
Blocked Babette Crochet Blanket Squares: Before & After

And here’s a gratuitous shot of the Babette squares post-blocking and laid out at random:
Blocked Babette Crochet Blanket Squares: How to Block Crochet

See, blocking is simple and fun. And it makes the difference between a mediocre finished project and one that looks like you put all that time and energy into it.

The End.

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