How to Make Crocheted Shawl Tie




The Shawl to which the tie is to be used should have at least 5/8 to 1 inch buttonhole loop or (ch3-sp) at the neck area through which the tie is to be threaded. One can easily add loops on both sides of the shawls neck area even if the afghan or shawl had been completed.

The approximate length of the tie is 24 inches including the tie buttons. One can lengthen or shorten by decreasing or increasing the number of chains made.

The tie is used just like a shoe lace.

Materials List

same type and color of yarn the shawl or afghan is made from.

Same size of hook used on shawl/afghan.

Finished Size

24 inches or more according to one’s preference.




Stitches used: Ch, sc

The Pattern

Make a knot on tail end of yarn and tighten it. (This is to bind the ply together so that the hidden ends of yarn does not peek out like a horse’s tail). Cut the starting tail of the yarn (not the working end)close to the slip knot(about 1/8 inch, just made.

With the working end of yarn make a starting slip knot 1/2 inch away from the first knot, to start crochet Ch (chain).

Ch4. Sl st (Slip Stitch) on the 1st ch of ch4 in order to form a ring. 8 sc over ring. Note: Tack the starting tail so that it is encased in all the sc that is being made. Connect to form a ring (slip stitch on the 1st sc). First tie button is made.

Ch80 + 4(+4 is to make another end button). Sl St on 4th ch from hook. Ring is formed. 8 sc over ring, bypassing the chains. sl st on the 1st sc. Second tie button is made. Pull the end tail tight and make a knot. Cut the end as before, to 1/8 inch from the knot. Hide this knotted end by weaving through the sc posts around the ring.

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