How to Felt Crochet: Felting Instructions Plus 4 Free Felted Crochet Patterns

Many of us have accidentally felted our crochet projects, but felting crochet is a great technique to create sturdy bags and warm garments and accessories. Felting is also a great technique for beginning crocheters, as the crochet felting process disguises uneven stitches.

In this free eBook, you will learn how to felt crochet and find quick and easy patterns for beautifully crocheted and felted projects. Create stunning items for yourself or to use as gifts.

In her in-depth article, “All About Felted Crochet”, Amy Swensen discusses the history of felting and the difference between felting and fulling. She also details the felting process from crocheting for felting and how to felt to blocking and drying your felted piece. You will discover what causes fibers to felt, how to choose the best yarn for felting, and learn how to choose the best gauge and pre-felting size to achieve the optimal felted fabric.

The Beaded Ring Felted Bag by Jill Wright is the perfect travel bag. The triangle ends and trapezoid sides are shaped in the round as you go and cleverly trimmed with piping cord before felting. This beautifully felted bag is then embellished with a simple bead crochet ring for a touch of sparkle.

Perfect for any occasion, the Ribbon Weave Purse by Rachel Roberts is also a great quick gift. A fun ribbon is woven between quadruple treble crochet stitches just below this felted purse’s handles, making this clutch perfect for work, play, or celebration.

The Felted Chevron Tote by Leslie Ann Bestor is the perfect bag for a quick trip to the market or an afternoon with the girls. Variegated wool yarn adds visual interest to the easy chevron felted crochet pattern.

The Felted Hooded Vest by Jennifer L. Appleby is a stylishly warm top you can felt on purpose. This felted vest is the perfect project to teach you how to felt wool garments. The front is worked in stripes of V stitches—and you will love the jaunty hood.

Learn to create a new fabric with the felting instructions and felted crochet patterns in How to Felt Crochet: Felting Instructions Plus 4 Free Felted Crochet Patterns. Share this free eBook with your friends and post your pictures in the Crochet Me Member Gallery; we would love to see your work.

Happy crocheting!

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