How to Crochet To Calm

The Pinecone Crochet Cowl is a beautiful crochet accessory. I love the crochet stitch pattern.

Pinecone Cowl by Julie King

An exceptionally busy day at the office, an afternoon of running stressful errands, those big life decisions, unexpected complications; we all deal with incredibly stressful situations daily. Sometimes I ask myself, “How can I get up tomorrow and do this all over again?”

I pick up my crochet hook; choose a simple and beautiful pattern, and choose a soft comforting yarn. There is something about the movement of the hook and watching the stitches form that is incredibly calming. I have read with amazement some of your stories, learning how crochet can help in trauma, illness, and more.

Recently I found a book full of amazing patterns that are perfect for calming crochet. They are easy enough that you don’t become frustrated trying to figure out a stitch or instruction, but interesting enough to capture your attention and make the stresses of the day fade to the background.

Here is designer Mandy O’Sullivan to tell us more.

Welcome to Crochet to Calm

This honeycomb crochet afghan is subtly incredible.

Honeycomb Blanket by Adrienne Brigham

I’m very excited about being a part of this fabulous book as I really believe in the therapeutic benefits of crochet. I’ve always loved creating things with my hands, but it was during a particularly stressful period of my life that I began to immerse myself in crafting as a way to calm and de-stress. An avid crafter since I was a child, it was a natural choice for me to distract myself from life’s stresses by focusing on creative projects; playing with color, texture, and pattern has always made me feel happy. And since a close friend taught me how to crochet a few years ago, it’s become my favorite way to unwind. Everyone is looking for some downtime, and crochet is the perfect activity to promote calmness.

This colofrul crochet hat is an easy crochet pattern.

Babala Hat by Tara Murray

I get an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment when I’ve created something from scratch, but crafting is more than that for me. It’s an underutilized form of therapy that can produce real stress reduction and management. We all live busy lives with our stress levels often at a heightened state, and I believe that crocheting can have a significantly positive effect on these levels. The repetitive movement in the creation of stitches, the beautiful textures and happy colors of yarn available, combined with the concentration required to follow a pattern, will often distract our tired minds from the stress of general life and force us to focus on the project at hand. And while concentrating on a crochet project won’t solve life’s problems, sometimes it can provide a much-needed break from stress and worry so that the mind can relax and refresh—helping to prepare it for the next day’s challenges.

To reap the therapeutic rewards of crafting, I believe a project needs to meet a couple specific requirements: (1) It needs to contain repetitive movements that feel meditative, and (2) it needs to be challenging enough so it distracts and occupies one’s mind, but not too difficult as to be frustrating. The very nature of crochet means that it will always meet the first requirement; creating crochet stitches requires a repetition of movement that creates a physical sense of calm. The second requirement depends on the individual; a project that fits the brief for one crocheter may not be suitable for another. For me, a mandala will always be my go-to project for when I’m feeling anxious or uptight, but you should choose a project that will work for you and enjoy the process of creating, not just the end result.

These crochet arm warmers are calming to make and beautiful to wear.

Peachy Arm Warmers by Julie King

I feel honored to be introducing these gorgeous projects, created by a showcase of talented designers. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to pour a cup of tea, put my feet up, and hook in.

— Mandy O’Sullivan

Yes, this book is exactly what I need today. I love knowing how to crochet to calm. So, grab your hook, choose your favorite calming pattern, and join me tonight for a little relaxation before we face tomorrow together.

Order or download Crochet to Calm today and discover a world of calm and joy with your crochet hook.

Best wishes,

P.S. I love to hear your stories about how crochet has affected your life. Share your story and inspire others in the comments.






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