How to Crochet the Sea Tangle Jacket: Part 3

You're almost there. Soon you will be wearing your own amazing crochet jacket. It wasn't that difficult now was it?

Here is designer Jill Wright with her final blog on the Sea Tangle Jacket and a few tips on finishing your stylish jacket.


How to Crochet the Sea Tangle Jacket: Part 3

Once the collar and trim are complete, sew in the sleeves. I found it easier to sew the sleeve seam first, then set in the completed sleeve, as you have no side seam to sew. Pin the sleeve cap to the shoulder seam, and pin the sleeve seam to the center of the underarm, then place pins as needed around the armhole to hold the sleeve in place. Once completed, if you have a mannequin, I'd suggest mounting the jacket on the mannequin for steaming the collar and trim. This way you can pull gently on the pointed increases to accentuate the flowing lines.

Well, I think that's about all I can say here. I do hope this long post will give you the confidence boost you need to give this gorgeous, and essentially simple, pattern a try. I'll bet once you're through the swatch you'll have the stitch pattern under your belt and be off and running. I can't wait to see the colors you choose to try—with 12 shades of Berroco Boboli there's bound to be a color to suit every taste! Some favorites of mine would be: Tree Swing for neutrals, Blueberry Patch for those denim lovers among us, Sweet Tea for fall colors, and Sunset Cruise for some gorgeous pinks, but all of the colors have something to offer for sure. Please be sure to post photos of your finished pieces so I can drool over them myself!

Happy crocheting!



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