How to Crochet the Sea Tangle Jacket: Part 2

Jill Wright is back for Part 2 of How to Crochet the Sea Tangle Jacket! Now that you have a basic understanding of the direction on construction for the body and sleeves, and you know how to work the simple half double crochet stitch the jacket is made of.


Here is Jill to help us with the next step.

How to Crochet the Sea Tangle Jacket: Part 2


So – now you know how to form the basic stitch pattern for the whole piece. Follow the increase/decrease directions to help you work the body section, then you move onto the sleeves. You'll begin the sleeve at the widest point, just below the armhole. You will find that the main part of the sleeve will be to your right as you work (with RS facing you), and the sleeve head, or cap, will be to the left, as in my diagram of stitch direction. Again, the sleeves are worked sideways to match the vertical faux knit look of the body.

You should block the body and sleeves at this point, then sew the shoulder seams. Sewing in the sleeves comes last, so that you don't have the weight of the whole piece on your hands as you work the collar and body trim as it is so substantial.


Don't forget to change to the larger hook for the collar and trim so that you have more drape and fluidity. Now, this part may seem daunting too, but again, it's the same stitch you've been working all along, the only real differences here are that you will be working long rows in the round, joining them with a slip stitch, and turning after each round, as well as adding stacked increases in strategic points around the jacket base. I marked approximate points where the markers go around the body section on this diagram. You could place the markers roughly by eyeballing it, then go around counting the rows in between to make sure they're even.


Once you begin the first round (with RS facing you), be sure to move each marker around the stitch which you worked where the marker originally sat. This marked stitch will be at the center of each increase; in other words, you'll be increasing (working 2 hdc) into both the stitch immediately before AND after the marked stitch. This image (above left) shows the marked stitch. The next 2 images show the marker moved to the center stitch after each increase. You can see the 2 stitches (ncrease) in each stitch of the row below flanking the marked center stitch. You can also see how stacking the increases on top of one another makes the points more pronounced the more rows you work. That's all there is to it!

Don't forget, you'll be turning your work after each round to keep following the pattern as written. These rows are long, but remember the prize – it's SO worth it! At the back neck, where the collar folds down, you'll get to see the WS of your work (faux purl). I think this give a lovely contrast to the rest of the piece.

— Jill Wright

Get your copy of the Sea Tangle Jacket pattern then be sure to come back for Part 3 of How to Crochet the Sea Tangle Jacket.

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