How to Crochet the Alpine Cardi Wrap: Part 2

I’ve made progress on my Alpine Cardi Wrap over the last few weeks. Have you? I’d love to see pictures of all your exciting color combinations!

I’ve finished the body of the sweater, and the upper fronts and back, and I have seamed the shoulders. I can sort of wear it, now! I still need to complete the sleeves and then work the edging, and it will be finished. Just in time for the cold weather. I rarely finish a garment in the season in which it was meant to be worn. And I guess I should keep quiet for now, so I don’t jinx myself and prevent that from happening this time.

Maintaining the stripe pattern through the upper body sections was not difficult. There is a discrepancy in the pattern that had me confused for a moment. Stitches are skipped for each underarm, which is not taken into account for the stitch counts. If you work the right front, and upper back as written, and skip the armhole stitches as written, just ignore the stitch count for the left front and work the remainder of the stitches is the row. It will all work out, then. Once I have confirmation from the designer, I’ll be sure to add this tip to the pattern page for the sweater.

Once the upper fronts and back were finished, I folded the fronts over and seamed the shoulders. Only one shoulder seam is shown here, as I wanted to show the layout of the piece. I wore it around as a vest for a while. It’s nice and cozy! The worsted weight yarn and the post stitches give it a great structure. It’s warm, soft, and feels like it will last a lifetime. It’s bound to be a favorite in my sweater rotation—possibly even THE favorite.

If you haven’t started yours yet, there’s still plenty of cold weather ahead! The pattern is available here in our Fall 2014 issue. Enjoy!

Happy crocheting! 




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