5 Free Crochet Sweater Patterns

How to crochet sweaters the right way with 5 FREE crochet sweater patterns.You can never have too many sweaters! Cotton short-sleeved sweaters are perfect for summer or pair them with a long-sleeved shirt for spring and fall. Nothing is better than a warm, cozy cardigan on a chilly winter evening. And a beautiful sweater is a wonderful canvas on which to showcase the splendor of crochet, whether it’s lace, Tunisian, or simple single crochet, which is why we’re giving you 5 FREE crochet sweater patterns!

In this free eBook, How to Crochet Sweaters: 5 FREE Crochet Sweater Patterns, we collected a fun and unique selection of crocheted sweaters, cardigans, and pullovers just for you. Whether you are ready to begin your first sweater, start a cardigan as a gift, or looking for the perfect sweater to add to your collection, you will find something for everyone.

Learn how to crochet a sweater in this free guide.Created entirely with single crochet, the Singular Tee by Regina Rioux Gonzalez boasts flattering hourglass shaping and striking horizontal stripes. This crocheted sweater is simple enough to be your first sweater and a perfect year-round top. The cap sleeves make it dynamic but still feminine, and depending on your choice of colors, the stripes can be more bold or soft. By using cotton yarn, the sweater maintains incredible drape and elasticity, even with the entire pattern being single crochet.

Learn how to create this fuchsia and blues jacket in this FREE eBook on crochet sweater patterns.The Fuchsia and Blues Jacket by Pam Gillette is a fabulous first sweater and a quick and satisfying project. This swing jacket is worked in a simple seed stitch that amplifies the texture of the bulky wool and cotton yarn. A striking single button fastens the neck of this A-line jacket.

Learn how to crochet a sweater, such as Weekend Jacket, in this FREE eBook that contains crochet sweater patterns.Crochet and knit blend in the classic Mélange Turtleneck by Katie Himmelberg. The knitted bodice is elegantly tailored and crocheted shells create lacy long sleeves and collar. Both the bodice and lace are created with a soft baby alpaca yarn.

Crochet this Weekend Jacket pattern in our free ebook.The Weekend Jacket by Annette Petavy marries a simple stitch pattern with broad horizontal stripes to create a cozy jacket, perfect for a relaxing weekend. This stylish cardigan has a classic collar, set-in sleeves, and simple waist shaping.

Learn how to crochet this wool bam boo cardigan in this FREE eBook on crochet sweater patterns.If you have wanted to give Tunisian crochet a try, this is the perfect pattern to get started with. The Tunisian knit stitch creates a fabric that’s denser and less stretchy than even some knitted fabric. Using this simple, easy to learn technique and built in shaping, the pattern yields a final piece that is warm and beautifully figure flattering. The Wool Bam Boo Cardigan by Kristen TenDyke is worked in Tunisian knit stitch, creating a warm and dense fabric. A delicate lace edging at the hem and cuffs adds a feminine touch to this warm cardigan.

So choose your favorite pattern and add another great sweater to your closet. I hope you enjoy the collection of free sweater patterns assembled in the How to Crochet Sweaters: 5 FREE Crochet Sweater Patterns eBook.

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